Demo Days – Golden Bathroom Remodel


Once we have all of our designs completed, plans are done and selections are selected, we get to demolish the old and prepare for the new! The demo is a LOT of heavy lifting (and sometimes falling). Making sure that we have a blank slate to work with and prepping the space are all very important in allowing for the new materials to be placed back in properly.

images.jpegHave you ever swung a sledgehammer? It’s a huge stress reliever, if you ever get the change to pick one up and smash a wall or some cabinets, or tile – I would highly recommend it. It is gratifying to destroy something that you don’t like the look of, to see the pieces crumble and fall into chaos on the floor. Then we begin the process of putting the room back together in a configuration and style that you love!

As you saw in our previous post, we are following along as we remodel a Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom for some of our clients:

Here you can see what the space looks like after we’ve smashed the previous bathrooms to bits and cleaned them up to start putting them back together. In our next post we’ll share what finishes the clients have selected for each room!


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