Trends of the Year


PHEW! We are Into Spring Already…

So far the home trends this year are about a whirlwind of fun colors, textures and patterns. We are seeing a shift towards more excitement and bold choices with everything from tile to paint!


In particular, the tile designs we’re seeing produced right now depict more movement and seem to be influenced by natural elements. Some these tiles are beginning to look like moving water or tree bark, for example. Whether you’re working on a kitchen or a bath, flooring, backsplash or showers, adding in a little bit of sparkle in your tile work goes a long way.

Natural Elements + Sparkle = Accents to the Design Objective                                                               pantone-color-of-the-year-2018-ultra-violet-banner-social

Of course, of all the trends we’re seeing this year, Pantone’s Color of the Year – Ultra Violet is the trend! We’re not suggesting you run out and change your entire master bathroom or kitchen to be drenched in these colors – it is much easier to alter your preferences or style with items that will be easily changed throughout the years.Unknown.jpeg

We mean that if you want to embrace one of these trends – add in your POP of color with an accent wall if you’d like or even your rugs, towels, furniture and drapes rather than selecting bright purple countertops, flooring and cabinets.






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