Elegance meets shabby chic




When we seek inspiration it comes from all sorts of places.  We create these dreams from places that we have visited, vacationed and places that we have found some moments of breathe and release. Places that we have traveled to that have held us for the moments and we were grateful to have those moments burned into our long term memory. Spaces that we enjoyed the way they made us FEEL. We all wish to recreate those spaces that make us feel exceptional. We go back to restaurants for the food and the ambiance. We choose the spaces that we enjoy to be inside of.


The places we choose to adventure to shape our views and experiences. When we vacation around the globe we collect images of what we wish to bring home and live. When we go ski/board into the  mountains we breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds of the snow crunch under our skis or boards. We become inspired also by the music that fills our hearts and carries us through the moments of life.

Katherine and I joke that there is a country song about everything. This country song reminded us of construction and the path that we take on the daily.  Old Dominion has a song titled ‘No such thing as a broken heart’….in the song there is verse that says ..

“Chasing the dream and not the money”


In a world where we have to meld time, budget and dreams we are challenged to balance this verse constantly. Our job is to wear MANY hats some of those include Visionary, Budget planner and Timeline facilitator. We also have to be a Expectation Setter, Designer, Plan creator, Client relationship-er, Project Manger, therapist, and contractor manager. We talk and plan and then measure and measure again. Our focus is on the planning to make sure that our collective dreams are going to match a budget and be able to come into reality.

IMG_6555.JPGOnce we have a plan in place we move into our selection process. Which for 80% of our clients is the BEST part. For some they LOVE to go shopping. Some of our clients don’t wish for the shopping experience and would prefer us bringing the selection appointments to their home and narrow down the options.  Either way we have gone through our idea books with houzz, discussed throughly what they are wishing for the end result to look like and we pull together the concepts, product and bring the ideas to life.


Unknown-3.jpegFor this particular client her style is more Elegant along with touches of Shabby Chic. She enjoys clean countertops that allows the materials to shine. We incorporated some of the new styles of tile such as the large format hexagon for the floor tiles. We then accented the shower with the same shape of tile in a different dimension and color.




One of our Favorite things to do in a remodel is to add the special touches. We call them “winks” in a remodel are the small and purposeful touches. In this project we selected the tile ready floor vent. It is flush with the tile, and you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toe on the corner of a metal vent while you are going to go pee in the middle of the night (which never happens, right?) We have incorportaing this wink for years and I have to say each time they are installed the clients ALWAYS are shocked how amazing it looks. We love when our clients have comments that sound like a little shriek and say “oh my gosh it just looks so amazing” For today…our job is done.









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