Final Touches

At last we spoke about our Golden remodel we were in demo… well let’s review some of the progress we have made!

Circling back around, we highly encourage selections to be finalized and delivery dates to be confirmed before demo commences. With so many items coming from out of state or over seas you never know when a delay could revise your remodel schedule for what could easily be months!

During the selections our homeowners mentioned that they desired certain features. We wanted to capture the style of each of their personalities while keeping a cohesive design to the rest of the home. We found that utliziting the same cabinet style in both bathrooms would allow the looks and feel of that design objective. They also loved the look so much of the tile we kept the same floor and shower wall tile. However, to highlight their individual styles we chose to alter the accent tile in both bathrooms. The shower pan therefore also corresponded with the overall feeling in each space. The sense of symmetry was extremely important for these clients, therefore, the accent stripe is located in the center of each wall and is linear.


One of the current trends is marble counter tops (or what looks like marble)… There are several manufacturers of quartz now, think Silestone and beyond… The latest technology allows designers to create what looks like a natural surface out of a much more durable material that is easy to maintain and appears to be the iconic stone from ancient times. We chose Pental Surfaces Arabescato  Quartz, similar to granite it has many levels, and can be equally priced or higher depending on the complexity of the pattern.

Both of the accents we chose have recycled glass content, we were looking for something different than what everyone has been using in their remodels for the past few years. Glass and stone has been on trend for the past years while unique shapes and patterns are what we are seeing new to the tile market. Keeping on track with the hexagon floor tile from the master bath we selected a mini hexagon tile that has the appearance of a multi colored weathered wood. In the guest bath we selected a neutral shower pan tile and a dramatic charcoal rectangle. Considering the high level of contrast between the tile and main shower tile we selected a lighter grout to highlight the shape of each accent.


REMINDER: When planning for your remodel, there is often a few days of down time, the cabinets must be set before template of the counter tops can be complete, the shower wall tile must be complete before shower door template can occur and in our case we also had a grooming cabinet that sits on top of the counter top which must be set before mirrors and lighting can be final trimmed out. Our beautiful Rohl plumbing was then able to be installed once the counter tops were installed.















One of the most amazing final touches that we were able to provide is a tillable yes sound it out (tile-a-ble) vent, it comes hollow and you fill it in with your tile for the surface that it sits in. We found this nifty vent years ago and find that it creates an amazing touch or “wink” to the project.







Thank you for being apart of our fun blogging. Until next time!

Chelsea DeFelice and Katherine Gardner



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