Barn Door Series Post 2 – Doors for Any Style

Speaking of flair, barn doors come in all shapes and sizes, they are perfectly customizable to each space given your opening and wall space surrounding it. The term ‘barn door’ really only speaks to the hardware – the door is attached to a sliding track system that can be either exposed or hidden and can fit any style!

The door is also customizable and can be painted, stained, reclaimed or personalized to fit the style and function of the room it is installed in.

Whether you want something more rustic:


More modern:


More ornate:


More reflective:


Or something you’ve never even seen done before but you can picture it in your mind – we can certainly help you bring that dream to life! They’ve even got barn doors for showers and window coverings

Where would you put your barn door details and which style would you pick?


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