Barn Door Series Post 5 – Wrap-Up & Inspiration

For the past month we’ve been talking about all things barn door! We’ve talked about all the different styles barn doors can come in and how to pick one that fits your aesthetic. We’ve learned about the different hardware and what to consider when picking a door. We’ve learned what the differences are between barn doors and pocket doors.

Today we want to wrap up with some of the most unique, inspiring barn door uses we’ve ever seen!


Can you imagine using this barn door to wall off a sleeping area or reading nook?


What about hiding an entertainment center or bookshelf or your kids’ toys?


We love this unique take on a dog door! It’s not traditional barn door hardware, but the function is the same!


Some restaurants can use the barn door or pocket door features for their menus, maybe to highlight breakfast, lunch and dinner based on what’s being shown or covered up?

We also love the idea of using a barn door as a display piece for art! Put a lattice design on it and then swap out your photos based on holidays or a recent trip. Putting a (thin) piece of art, maybe a print or a photograph, on a pocket door would be a unique way to change the entire feel of a room with the simple movement of sliding the door in or out. Painting a mural right on the door is another fun option!

Whether you need some fresh ideas for your entire home or just a corner of it, we’re happy to help make your dream a reality! Bring your creative ideas, we’ll bring ours, and let’s create the perfect space for your lifestyle!

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