New Interview Series | What Does ‘Home’ Mean to You?

We’re excited to launch this new interview series this week! One of our highest priorities when working with our clients is really taking into consideration their lifestyles, families and priorities.

‘Home’ means something different to everyone and we want to celebrate these differences! 

Our first installment of this series is with our very own Creative Badass, Chelsea DeFelice:

Describe your current living situation (House? Apartment? Size? Neighborhood features?)

We live in a 3 bedroom 3 bath one level home with a detached 2 car garage off the back alley.

How long have you lived here?

I moved in 3 ½ years ago.

What made you decide to move here?

It was centrally located.

It was close to Sloans Lake which we spend a lot of time running, biking and walking around.

It is also a 12 min drive to my daughter’s school.

We have friends that are very close in proximity which is important to us to have the right tribe.

What is your favorite spot in your home? Why?

I love the whole home. The back room of the house may be my favorite because of the lighting and it has an amazing vibe.

I enjoy that the room is flexible to our life and is a wonderful space that overlooks the backyard. It allows me to be creative and it makes me feel that I am connected to nature while I am in the midst of working.

What are the elements of your home that make it just that – home?

I feel home in each area of our home; in the kitchen, living room, backyard and garage. I love each space for different reasons.

The Kitchen is the heart of our home and we dance, dine and laugh most in this space.

In the Living Room we play on the floor, roll around, and enjoy floor time.

The “green room” is that back room and craft area and we enjoy being creative in that space.

The Backyard and Garage I love because it is my tinkering space.

Now for the fun part, if you could renovate any part of your home where money and time are no hindrance, which part would you reno and what would it look like when you were done?

If I were able to alter my home I would remove the roof and go up and be able to capture the view of the mountains. I would love to add a master suite and master bathroom on the back of the house with an office in the front of the home. I would also like to alter the back of the home with more windows and provide more light into each room of the home.

This series will be popping up periodically as we interview the rest of our team (up next: Katherine Gardner!), some of the contractors we work with, our clients and maybe even YOU! (If you’d like to be featured, please reach out!).

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