What Does ‘Home’ Mean to You Interview with Katherine Gardner

Describe your current living situation (House? Apartment? Size? Neighborhood features?)

My husband and I own a ranch style home in the Southmoor neighborhood near I-25 and Hamden.

How long have you lived here?

We purchased the home in 2011

What made you decide to move here?

Our goal was to find something central with easy access to the highway (my husband is also a consultant, so lots of drive time for the two of us). Without hearing all of the traffic from the busy streets, we are blessed to be in an established neighborhood, where the trees are tall and they block quite a bit of highway noise.

What is your favorite spot in your home? Why?

We both enjoy our basement, where we hang out most every evening, it is an open rec room with room for entertaining

What are the elements of your home that make it just that – home?

We have just enough room for the two of us with some room for my office and a spare bedroom for any out of town guests. The main floor is a great open space where the kitchen work is still a part of the entertainment space, we enjoy outdoor activities and our backyard is the perfect place to host get togethers.

Now for the fun part, if you could renovate any part of your home where money and time are no hindrance, which part would you reno and what would it look like when you were done?

I would start with the kitchen, there is little to no counter space and often prep needs to expand to the dining room table for meal prep or chopping, the floor tile would be a little more forgiving as each crumb and spec of dirt from the garage and the backyard show up within minutes of mopping. I would create an artistic space, where the kitchen peeks through the stairwell wall with a backlit glass sill. I would move the patio door from the kitchen to the dining room to allow for a more usable perimeter and change the sink location to allow for a view to the back yard. The appliances would be built in to allow for a more seamless look and the stovetop would be induction.

This is the second installment of our new interview series! Check out the first installment with Chelsea DeFelice here.

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