PSA – Removing a Wall: More Than Just Knocking It Down

If you’re looking to open up your living space, removing a wall seems like an obvious choice and generally, much easier than adding on a room somewhere.

See the wall, knock down the wall, clean up the edges and VOILA! It’s done!


Except…it isn’t that easy.

You have to make sure that wall you’re removing isn’t a supporting wall and that the roof won’t cave in by taking it out. If it is a supporting wall, there are a couple of different routes you can take to get the look you’re going for:

  • You can add extra supports in the ceiling to keep the lines clean
  • You can add an exposed beam just below the ceiling where the wall used to be to add character
  • You can add a post or two within the space the wall used to occupy
  • You can even leave the main portion wall and instead enlarge the doorway


Regardless of how you decide to manage the top, we still have to keep in mind the bottom of the room, namely the flooring.

Even if the same flooring flows throughout the space, it does not flow beneath the current wall. If you’re looking to continue hardwoods, you’ll need to patch up the section where the wall once was with what we call “lacing.” When done right, this lacing sews the seams of the two rooms together such that you wouldn’t be able to tell there was once a wall there in the first place!


This is done by removing some of the old flooring and installing new boards in it’s place. The old and new floors are sanded and stained together to give a seamless appearance.

We have a lot of clients that come to us wanting a simple change to their home by making the living space bigger and more open concept. It can be a bit of a surprise how much work and thoughtful consideration go into making sure the end result is as perfect in real life as it exists in their imaginations and we LOVE helping making these dreams come true! If you’re thinking about making a change to your home, contact us and let us help you make sure its done right.

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