Don’t be afraid of COLOR!

We are color people, it is a rare occasion that you will see either of us in all black and white and when you do it is without a doubt accessorized with bright shoes or a colorful jacket. Why is this important? We ask that our clients let their style shine through in their remodels. If, when going to get a pedicure, you are faced with the question “go pick a color” and you PANIC then we need to talk!

nail colors

Inspiration comes from so many places, with Colorado being such a melting pot of culture, we are faced with embracing art, color and style in each of the remodels we consult on. When your backyard view is of the most striking blue against the white capped mountains of the Front Range you can’t help but be inspired! When you have spent all your life living near a coast and now you inhabit this beautiful land locked state, you may want a little piece of “home” for your morning pick me up. If within your travels you have brought back artwork that takes you back to that little street market where you can still taste the spices when you close your eyes, then we need to capture what color brings you joy, peace and happiness.


For so long we, as nomadic creatures, have been told that neutral is what sells, that your personality shouldn’t show if you want to sell your home. Well, we say with the right guidance and parameters, color can be a little more permanent! It’s your home, it’s your sanctuary, it’s your style, embrace it!

Many of us find that nature is what inspires us. This year Sherwin Williams provided Ocaeanside SW6496 as it’s color of the year!


Our spa inspired bath remodel definitely was drawn to this color, it started with the plumbing selections, “We have to have a jetted tub in the guest bath” “a relaxing cocktail in a bubble bath is what I really need” “The rain shower that I used in a hotel last month was to die for” “I want my bathroom to make me feel like I’m on vacation” “I travel so much I just want to feel pampered at home”. When I think of spa, vacation and being pampered the Oceanside color is one that brings a smile to my face. The next indication that we would be using color was the guest bath floor tile,


This painted porcelain tile is a throw back to the hand painted concrete tiles of Paris in the late 1800’s, where a single tile creates a mural of sorts when installed side by side. Once the floor was selected we wanted to be sure to have a cabinet that wasn’t going to distract from the beauty of the pattern. The balance between beige and gray which has come to be known as Greige was the perfect painted cabinet color to coordinate and provide a little contrast to the white tub and tile in the Jacuzzi!Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.25.17 PM

What we really needed was the sea inspired blue to pull all of our elements together, with the linear texture and radiant color of glass, the “artwork” of the upper level was born! When we talk about how to accent a tub/shower with color, texture or pattern we often use the space surrounding the bathroom to guide us. This bathroom sits at the top of the stairs in a beautiful bi-level home with vaulted ceilings in the living room drawing your eye to the bedroom level of the home. That being said we decided to do a “picture frame” of tile on the back wall of the bath to peak the interest of guests who’s eyes are drawn upstairs.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.26.33 PM

The colored glass was also brought in as a mirror surround sitting atop a marble inspired quartz counter top.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.26.08 PM

With a splash of artwork and some towels that make the room pop we are all set for our spa inspired guest bath that is equal parts elegant beauty and stay-cation!

So, when thinking about your remodel, don’t forget to embrace your space and let your style shine through!

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