The Importance of Texture

Last week when we discussed the kitchen, we talked more about the space planning and the function of the fixtures rather than the materials that visually excite or provide comfort to a space.

This week we are diving into the feeling a space provides, this season really evokes the feeling of comfort especially at home. A few months back we had the first few installments in a series about what makes a home to us – location, mementos, those whom we share our space with etc. This week we want to expand on that feeling as well as the function of how our space works for us.


How does the feeling of a home associate with Universal Design? Well once again, whether it is a sudden accident, a holiday visitor or a new challenge that you are working through – we want your home to be comfortable for you.

Going back into the kitchen, one of the main appliances that can be multi purpose is the stovetop. While most homes come with either an electric or gas stovetop, we’re seeing increasing numbers with induction cooktops.

Induction cooktops look similar to electric glass top cooktops and can give you the opportunity to use it as an extension to your counter top as a solid surface. Induction also offers technology in which the heat transfer is quicker than electric cooktops and the cooling process is cut significantly to provide a safer work surface. This appliance tends to have a slight hum or buzz which should be examined before purchase to know whether or not it will be comfortable for the user.


If your budget doesn’t allow for gas and you need added counter space, induction may be the solution for you. *Keep in mind you will need pots and pans that are compatible with induction.

When we talk about the sense of touch, often the vision in our heads goes directly to a physical texture that we can both see and feel. Texture can create a sense of cozy comfort. Think of a ski lodge where you are surrounded by a fuzzy blanket with a warm fire warming the room and the fireplace is clad in oversized ledge stone or river rock.

Photo Courtesy of Basement Specialists

But that same material that gives one person a feeling of comfort could create anxiety for another person who prefers a more sleek and smooth texture that is easily cleanable. If we are really being honest, we love to have a neat and clean space, however with life comes messy experiences and clean-ability is something we also like to discuss with our clients.

It is important to know what level of maintenance a product offers. If we are specifying a beautiful marble counter top in a chefs kitchen (shame on us) then we might discuss the likelihood of the natural patina that marble will show after a marathon holiday baking frenzy.

If we are discussing a split face natural stone for a backsplash where bacon is a key ingredient in everyday cooking (no judgement here) then we might discuss something that has a more smooth surface that is easy to wipe down with a degreaser.


And if you are challenged when dealing with shiny or glossy surfaces we might suggest a more textured or matte finish on your counter top. Honed or Leathered granite are great options for this kind of provocation.

Essentially, you can clothe your house in any color, texture or material that works best for you and allows you to create that cozy, comfy space that home should be. If you have additional questions about choosing textures, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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