How to Love Your Home More in 2019

Can you believe this is the LAST Friday of 2018?! This is the LAST blog post of 2018?!

We wanted to take a moment today to talk about resolutions – one of the most common being Finding More Happiness in Life. You spend so much of your life in your home that it really should be a place of rest, rejuvenation and inspiration and we want to give you some quick (and not-so-quick) tips on leveling up your appreciation of your space.

Whether you’re living in a less-than-ideal rental or in your dream home, there are a number of things you can change to make it the best possible space for you.

Clean Sweep

A tidy house is a happy house. Studies show that living in a clean, organized home has so many positive benefits on the brain and spirit! Challenge yourself to do the dishes within minutes of using them and keeping that sink clean. Spend 5 minutes a day tidying up after yourself. Sometimes spending an entire morning doing a deep clean on your room can make you feel cleansed and motivated in other areas of life as well.

Color Therapy

Different colors promote relaxation vs. energy. Cool blues promote calm while happy yellows can be energizing. We recommend using the former to decorate or paint your bedroom while the latter would be an awesome choice for a kitchen or dining area.

Efficient Use of Space

This is mostly based on your family, your lifestyle and your own needs – it is wholly customizable and there is no right or wrong answer! Do you live in a small, older space that was built before walk-in closets and ample storage? Adding wall shelves can add surface space without taking up valuable floor space. A kitchen island cart on wheels is an awesome, flexible way to add counters or storage wherever you need it most.

These options are very low-impact but if a living-space overhaul is what you need, you can make almost any house into the proper home with some creative re-configuring. Taking out walls can open up a tiny dining room into an open-concept layout and adding walls can create an extra bathroom where there was none.


Spend a few minutes every single day being grateful for your home. Instead of dreading paying the rent or mortgage every month, be grateful that you have a space to pay for. That apartment could be the perfect incubator and launch pad for you to move to the next phase of your life. That home could be the ideal castle to raise your own princes and princesses.

You don’t have to remodel your home in order for you to love it, you can love it just the way it is! If a remodel is in the cards for 2019, reach out and let’s start that conversation NOW so that we can get the timeline right for your life!

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