Tenant Improvements – Mike Wallen’s Highland Tax Group

Mike moved his company into a new space with just a few desks.

The goal: two offices, one printer storage room, and an up front desk space

The cool thing was that the new space was unfinished and he was allowed to select some items as the new tenant. We had a few carpet samples that were approved by the building HOA. We started there with cool tones (Gray, Black and Blue) because Mike wanted the space to feel chill, inviting and low stress. Typically his clients are in high stress levels of emotions given they are meeting with him because they own the IRS money.

We then melded the carpet selection with the wall colors, again to speak to the color psychology of a calming cool color palette. During construction, Mike and Chelsea selected the furniture pieces that would give an inviting lobby space along with a pop of color. The rust colored lounge chairs are a great entrance set up with a set of nesting marble and gold tables in-between them.

In his office, Mike wanted to have a sleek and bold table to sit at with clients or be able to spread out when need be. The furniture from West Elm was a great fit here. The chair color was inspired by a pair of shoes that are a favorite of his – sharp, brown, classy.

After a few months of being in the space, Mike’s business continued to expand and the building was able to offer Mike an additional space of a stand alone conference room. In this space we wanted to continue the feel of the office but set it apart from it as well by making it feel home-like.

We selected a live edge reclaimed table with a metal base. The chairs are similar to those in his office room but altered in color. The sitting space in this room called for smaller chairs in height and in width. We selected blue leather chairs with geometric metal bases to tie into the other geometric shapes. We then finished off the space with the final touches of art work and decor. The space truly feels put together and when you walk in the eyes is directed to  all of the items we intended.

To see more pictures of the finished space, click here. If you’re moving your business into a new commercial property, give us a call and let us help you personalize it to suit your unique company!

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