Closets – From Drab to Fab

When we work on Master Bathrooms, the closet ALWAYS comes into play. Generally in design, it is important to to be thoughtful about function as well as beauty. However, in closets it is extremely important to find every inch of function.

master closet

First Step is to take inventory

  • How tall are you?
  • How many long hang items do you have?
  • How many pants do you have?
  • How many shoes, boots, high heals, running
  • Accessories: belts, purses, necklaces, earrings, scarfs. etc.

How many things did you not wear, don’t fit and are keeping it for a variety of excuses?

HERE is your PERMISSION to let go of what is no longer serving you or your space. Also, have you seen Tidying Up? The new Netflix show about the KonMari method of decluttering? We LOVE it and think everyone should give it a try!

This is a judge-free zone so if you have lots of clothes or a little, enough shoes to open your own, very size-specific store or just a single pair – you do you and we’ll do the rest to make sure your closet is right for your lifestyle!

Second Step

  • If you are doing this on your own DIY style, it’s time to dive into dimensions.
  • Do your Research and Development. Look at Houzz. Check out our page for inspiration.
  • Talk to friends who have overhauled their closets, talk to professionals (like us!).

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.17.58 PM

Third Step

  • Create a floorplan (hint: hire a professional if needed) IKEA and Costco are also options!
  • Do you dream of an island? Is it possible?
  • Wall hanging needs to have cabinets that are 21-22” D for average 6’ and above 24”d
  • Shoes 12-15” D cabinets
  • Belts, ties, jewelry 6”d (hint: utilize the space behind the door)

Fourth Step

  • Price it out! From Ikea, Costco, to California closets there is a place to meet your budget.

The closet of your dreams is right around the corner – or the barn door – and we’re here to help you achieve it if you need some extra, experienced, professional hands on deck!

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