Chelsea DeFelice


Making something out of nothing. Bringing a vision to fruition. Visualizing a transformation before it begins. What do these themes have in common?  These are the hallmarks of a person doing what they were born to do. In the case of Chelsea DeFelice, these are the usual results of her work as principal interior designer for Keystone Consulting.

Chelsea retells the story of going to her mother at age five to report that she wanted to redesign her bedroom. “It started early with me,” she laughs. When her family’s new home was being built four years later, the process – from excavation to design – profoundly interested her. The seed was sewn for this future designer.

By the time she was ready for college, there was no doubt that Chelsea would follow her heart. She enrolled at The Art Institute of Colorado, where she studied commercial design (i.e. restaurants and hotels). Finally unleashed into the working world, Chelsea found herself in a quandary as the economy turned down and commercial work dried up. Adaptation is the key to survival, of course, so the young designer turned her attention to kitchen and bath design and enjoyed a stint in furniture and space planning for Ethan Allen. She went on to designing basements “from scratch” and privately consulting, which she still enjoys today. “From selecting paint to drawing a building, my job is to ensure the client’s project is done when it needs to be done.”

Today, DeFelice is a mom and an industry pro of 12 years, working in a field that is more accurately her calling.

Keystone Interiors has been transforming living spaces for homeowners along the I-25 corridor. The lion’s share of the business is done between Greenwood Village and Castle Rock, east to Smoky Hills and as far west as Littleton. The company has long specialized in decks, basements and outdoor living spaces. This can include wine cellars, steam rooms, fireplaces, deck covers, outdoor kitchens, saunas and much more. Last December, Chelsea joined the Keystone Interiors team with plans to help the business expand its work in kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Having previously worked for a company that exclusively finished basement spaces, this is precisely her niche.

The company, a licensed remodeler, has thrived by building sincere relationships with its clients – becoming partners. Its team members handle all aspects of construction, electrical and plumbing and streamlines the processes of design-build with unusual efficiency.

The norm in this business is that the contractor and designers work independently of each other. Oh, the headaches that occur when their information isn’t shared on time or cooperation slips as deadlines loom!

Keystone Interiors gives the client the means to have the whole picture, all aspects of the project, in one place and one plan. Communication between Chelsea and her colleagues is seamless; no details are overlooked. The company takes a very friendly approach to each project, recognizing the importance of its clients’ stylistic preferences.

The first meeting with a potential new client includes walking through the space and talking through the way the client wants to use it. Design options are discussed, and detailed measurements are taken. Next time, the company delivers a plan design and written proposal. Workflow and timeline are sorted out, and once the final plan design is approved, a start date is set.

This industry can be very competitive as most people will get two or three estimates for something like an outdoor living space or finishing a basement. DeFelice explains that people often work with who’s been recommended to them, so referrals matter. Keystone Interiors is all too eager to put you in touch with past and present clients.

So, what remodeling dreams have you been dreaming for your home? Are you imagining an outdoor fireplace or full-blown kitchen? What about a Great Room in a beautiful finished basement? Adding a sauna to take the edge off the winter months? Whatever you’re dreaming about, Keystone Interiors will help you realize those dreams.

“I love being able to see a space that’s not ‘visually preferable’ and know what it’s going to look like when the transformation is complete,” says Chelsea. “My gift is to know what the client is craving. To see this vision come to life is an emotional experience and one that’s very satisfying to me.”