Jenny Nowakowski

Jen 2.20.19

I care about how you feel in your home

“I believe spectacular design starts with collaborative communication and detailed planning to create a foundation for a successful project.” – Jenny Nowakowski

Jenny has been a Denver-based professional interior designer for more than a decade.  Whether you want to update a small room or completely remodel a home, Jenny collaborates closely with you and leads the team to implement your vision.  Do you have a clear vision of what your space will look like? With a focus on interior architecture, Jenny leverages her skills using CAD and 3D drawing programs to enhance her clients’ experience and offer a window into their future space.  Not quite sure how to explain your style? Jenny can help you define and refine your style and then work with the team to bring your vision to life. Whether you are looking for a small fix in a traditional home, or a large modern remodel – or something in between, her passion is helping clients realize a space that fits their lifestyle as well as their budget.

“Someone once told me that what you most liked to do when you were young is what you should be doing now,.” Says Jenny. “I asked myself this question about 15 years ago and what I realized is that I loved to be creative. I would sit in front of the tv early in the morning, watch cartoons and draw what I saw.  In the fall I would gather up all the leaves into huge piles to spread them back out and create “floor plans” and I rearranged my bedroom constantly! So, now I do what I love….I knock out some walls, draw a new space and put things back together.”