Katherine Gardner


Katherine is a Colorado Native, she grew up riding horses, skiing and hiking all over Colorado and the Four Corners area. With family on the East Coast she also loved visiting the ocean and playing in the sand and surf. Katherine knew at a young age that she wanted to do interior design, she would regularly re-arrange her bedroom so that she could see what the space felt like in a different configuration. When the family moved and decided to do a small remodel, she was the first one with a hammer participating in the demo!

She enjoyed building just as much as taking old things out of a space, when she graduated high school she took a week to build houses in Mexico. At Colorado State University she quickly discovered that Construction Management and Interior Design went hand in hand and minored in Construction Management while majoring in Interior Design.

While Katherine’s professional career has been nontraditional, starting at a Facilities Management company, working at an Architecture Firm as well as an excavation company, Katherine has become well versed in the fixed finishes of the homes that she works on. Specifying flooring, cabinets, and counter tops for small custom builders and working closely with homeowners to remodel their spaces, she utilizes her knowledge of construction and building to educate each client on the process as well as the outcome.

Katherine believes that creating the perfect space for each individual is the best practice for a designer. This allows a client’s style to shine through and working together achieves the best outcome! “I have done remodels on a dime as well as Parade Houses and each space has it’s own character.” And “To be a Creative Badass one must be open to inspiration wherever it may come and be creative enough to color outside the lines!”