Universal Design Solutions for Lighting

With winter coming on in full swing and Daylight Savings behind us, we're reminded daily that adding lighting to our homes can be beautiful, useful and promote greater health. Different types of lighting can help us with everything from reading and cooking to highlighting wall art to alleviating symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. For those… Continue reading Universal Design Solutions for Lighting

Universal Design Solutions for Showers

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming! And those projects that you promised yourself you would start in January still aren’t complete (or even started!) “Last year it was so hard to help grandma in and out of the tub,” “How am I going to keep grandpa safe in the bathroom?” “Oh… Continue reading Universal Design Solutions for Showers

What is Universal Design?

Universal Design is basically designing for the senses. This not only includes those who have challenges to overcome, but also providing a comfortable space for anyone who might be visiting and includes planning for the future of those who live in the home. Sounds When designing for sound, the most obvious issues include buffering against… Continue reading What is Universal Design?

The Battle of the Stone: Quartz vs. Marble vs. Granite

If you're looking into remodeling your kitchen, you've probably come across the debate about which countertop to choose. We're going to break down the pros and cons of each of these materials here so that you can make a more informed decision!   Granite - the long-time fave The Goldilocks in terms of strength Because… Continue reading The Battle of the Stone: Quartz vs. Marble vs. Granite

PSA – Removing a Wall: More Than Just Knocking It Down

If you're looking to open up your living space, removing a wall seems like an obvious choice and generally, much easier than adding on a room somewhere. See the wall, knock down the wall, clean up the edges and VOILA! It's done! Except...it isn't that easy. You have to make sure that wall you're removing… Continue reading PSA – Removing a Wall: More Than Just Knocking It Down