Frequently Asked Questions

What is does it mean to be a Creative Badass?

Technically we have degrees in Interior Design and Interior Architecture. What this means to you is that, although we are great with color and fabric, we like to focus on the functionality and break out of the boxes that our typical titles provide.

We offer the opportunity to work with a team who can walk you through a fully structural remodel – from knocking down walls to creating an open floor plan within (or even outside of) the envelope of your home. We offer services that include working with engineers and contractors that truly make your dreams a reality.


What do your services include?

We start with an as-built, this provides us the blank slate of the space that we can manipulate. Then we offer design services which transform your kitchen, bathroom or basement into the most functional space for you and your family. We provide the opportunity to select fixed materials either in a showroom or in your home within the guidelines you have provided for us, and we eventually provide architectural plans for your contractor (or some that we work with on the regular), and the city to approve for construction. This includes cabinet layouts, lighting layouts as well as electrical and plumbing layouts for installation.

To learn more about our process, check out this graphic!


What are the total costs? Upfront costs?

This is variable, we provide services that you can use on an as needed basis. Often it is helpful to put all of your dreams on paper to understand the construction costs of phased build outs.

We also work from the beginning with a contractor to provide the design selection packet throughout projects of any size. The upfront costs are determined by the size of your project with a minimum of 5 hours of design time through multi-phased projects that can be billed over the course of several years.


What’s the timeline?

Timelines also vary by project. When custom cabinetry is involved, we need to allocate order time of 6-8 weeks as well as design time, which can be 3-5 weeks depending on the time that you have to allocate to the project and selection process.  


Do I need a permit?

Each city has different requirements for permits, typically when moving plumbing or electrical (not just changing out fixtures) a permit is required. Depending on the scope of your project, a homeowner permit can be used to show the work completed is performed to code.


What should I expect and how I can plan for kickoff?

After our initial meeting, you will be provided a design objective (scope of work) which outlines the documents we will provide and the cost associated with before and during construction. Once a deposit is received, our work begins to provide you with the first “plan” and at that time we will review and make changes according to your preferences we typically repeat this process before signing off on the final plans at which time selections can be made.

Once final selections and contractor estimates are complete, you will receive the plans that are ready for permitting as needed. During your build out, we ensure that what we decided on together, gets installed. We also are available for questions if unforeseen circumstances arise during construction. We haven’t been able to perfect the construction X-Ray machine to see what we may encounter behind or below surfaces that we will be demoing, but we’re working on it.


What sources will we be using?

We have suppliers that we have great relationships with, however, if you have a preference, we are happy to entertain those sources as well! Just keep in mind that we have had our fair share of hiccups with certain suppliers and we have narrowed our supplier list accordingly – we only work with the best!


Do I need a contractor?

We can introduce you to a few contractors whom you may interview for your job, if you have someone that you would like to work with, we are happy to provide the necessary details to them for construction. We typically suggest a few jobsite visits regardless to make sure that all parties are on the same page during construction.  


What if my budget doesn’t allow for what I really want to do?

You are not the first of our clients to have larger ideas than their pocketbooks can handle! We suggest planning for the whole scope of what you would like to remodel and use our selection packet and design plans as needed for each phase of remodel. Often, one area will be affected by another area that needs to be addressed first (i.e. new electrical panel, re-running plumbing to prepare for higher ceilings or running a gas line to prepare for a new gas appliance).


Specialty Items:

Moving Pool Tables


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