Time vs. Budget vs. Quality | Demo Day

WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH? Time, money and the quality of the finished project, the three biggest factors in a remodel. Often we need to get creative with budget and how everything will be completed within the time that is allocated. This results in our clients occasionally proposing to do the demo themselves! Although we… Continue reading Time vs. Budget vs. Quality | Demo Day

Making Good Investments in 2019

While we primarily focus on remodels to benefit our clients while they live in the home, it’s impossible not to receive questions on the return of the investment their making. Whether you’re changing the size, layout, function or even finished in a room, you’re affecting the value of the home and the price the next… Continue reading Making Good Investments in 2019

Universal Design Solutions for Showers

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming! And those projects that you promised yourself you would start in January still aren’t complete (or even started!) “Last year it was so hard to help grandma in and out of the tub,” “How am I going to keep grandpa safe in the bathroom?” “Oh… Continue reading Universal Design Solutions for Showers

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

So you've decided to remodel the most used, most crowded, most important part of your house - the kitchen. You're so excited to have the new floors, the gleaming countertops, the more efficient use of space and that new six-burner stove you've been coveting! This remodel is going to be so so so worth it… Continue reading How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel